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Conference starts on Friday, November 6 and ends on Tuesday November 10, 2015

Abstract Preparation

Contributions will be accepted for presentations based on quality and relevance of the submitted abstracts. Abstracts should be prepared according to the following instructions:

  • abstract must be composed and submitted via website using provided abstract template 
  • abstract must be submitted as document compatible with MS Office (doc or docx).
  • length of the abstract is limited to 1 page of A4 size with interline and font arranged according to the template
  • only Latin (letters) and Greek (symbols) characters are allowed
  • a figure or picture can be inserted into the abstract
  • abstract should be carefully verified/corrected by the author before aubmission because, after accepting, it will be published as is without any further editing by the organizers.

Deadline for abstract submission is August 31, 2015. 

Abstract Submission “step by step”

  1. First, register through the SMCBS'2015 website (in the upper right corner of the page, there are two red buttons, i.e., "Log in" and "Register").
  2. After registration, please, wait for an e-mail message generated by the system confirming your registration, and then click the link provided therein.  Without registration, your account will not be active.  (This feature is introduced to prevent network "bots" from registering).
  3. When your account is active, please, log in using the "Login" button as well as the login value and password provided in the e-mail message confirming your registration.
  4. You will see the red "Hi <Login>" button in the upper right corner of the page.  When you click on this button, a menu will emerge with "Your profile", "My files", and "File upload" options.
  5. Click on the "File upload" option to open a new page.
  6. Click on the "Browse" button to upload your abstract.  For abstract preparation, please, use the template provided on the Workshop webpage.  Please, insert also the title of your presentation in the field "Title".
  7. When submitting your abstract, please, click on the "Save" button to send it to the server.
  8. You may check your submission by clicking on the "My files" option in the menu.


Oral presentations are preferred, which will include tutorial lectures, keynote lectures, and short communications. Only computer-aided presentations are supported. A PC (Windows XP, Microsoft PowerPoint) computer facility, including a multimedia projector, will be available at the Workshop site. Moreover, an overhead projector for transparencies, occasionally displayed but not a slide projector, will be provided upon request. Poster presentation will be included in the Program.

One contribution per participant is allowed.

Tutorial lectures

Distinguished scientists will be invited to deliver tutorial lectures, for ca. 40 min, which are intended to cover fundamentals, recent review material, and selected illustrative results of current research of their and other groups.

Keynote lectures

Prominent specialists will present keynote lectures, for ca. 20 min, on selected "hot" topics of their research areas.

Short Communications

Young researchers are welcome to present, for ca. 15 min, short communications covering most exciting results of their own research.


Objective, introduction, experimental, results and conclusions of a research accomplished as well as a minimum number of references should be presented in a poster. The maximum size of a poster is 120 cm (height) and 100 cm (width).


Official language of the Workshop is English.